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avoid injuries, and enhance motor function

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avoid injuries, and enhance motor function

and improve athletiLearn Chinese in Beijingc performance. Whether it is broadEglish speaking driver beijing or narrow shoes, must fit in with the characteristics quilting machineof requirements. Whether exercise or competitive sports, sports shoes are required to meet the movement mechanics, biology, human engineering, kinematics, exercise physiology, hygiene, we should also basket tn basket nike tn vente tn tn chaussure acheter shox baskets shox basket shox magasin nike shox requin shox Nike TN nike tn requin tn chaussures acheter nike shoxconsider helping athletes improve athletic performance or to create a better athletic performance. Therefore, the design and manufacture of sports shoes should be fully considered during the movement characteristics, which is different from the shoes, sports shoes and other footwear logo. Sports shoes and leather shoes, rubber shoes of the biggest difference is the most fundamental difference lies in function. General leather shoes, rubber shoes at the function main emphasis is slip, comfort, insulation, ventilation, and beautiful. The shoes not only to meet these requirements, but also according to the special nature of sport, were required to have flexair max nike rift nike air max chaussures nike air rift nike air rift nike max nike max air air max ltd air max nike air chaussures air chaussure air 180 180 air air shox chaussure shox chaussures shox shox chaussureibility, energy return, shock absorption, control, flip the foot, sports protection, fit in with the physical health requirements, improve athletic performance and so on. Edit this paragraph describes The flat soles of sports shoes and sneakers, plasticity, resilience, of young people running, jumping to a certain cushioning effect, so many young people today like to wear. However, there are many drawbacks wearing long: the shoes, the improvement of the temperature and humidity, young people easily become Songla ligament feet long, feet gradually widened over time into a flat foot. Sneakers materials, mostly rubber, plastic, foam, nylon, canvas, etc., ventilation is poor. Sweaty feet long in the "closed" environment, easy to fungal reproduction and dissemination, the occurrence of athlete's foot, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. Athletic shoes or sneakers with flat shoes are a no. It can not guarantee even distribution of body center of gravity in the whole foot, not the body's muscles, ligaments, bones and spine to maintain the normal position and work status. Youth sports shoes or sneakers to wear after the change in body weight, the uneven distribution of foot forces there, will affect the footwork. Long-term wear sports shoes, at the developmental stages of young people not only useless, but also very harmful. Fourth, soccer shoes, soccer shoes, better identification, the general look smart a lot of football boots, shoes are thinner, more fit. More prominent feature is a molded soles and convertible Spike Spike meet the football field, can provide a good grip, toe and upper car line was to prevent deformation and durable. Fifth, all-round sports shoes suitable for a variety of sports like to practice a few times each week and only those. Divided into two types: training type and speed type. Training Type toe a little Alice, have turned plastic, multi-purpose nylon mesh uppers; speed similar type and running shoes. VI is usually a high aerobic sports shoes to help, smaller and lighter. Sole pattern isshox chaussures requin tn tn requin nike requin requin nike chaussure nike shox nike shox nike tn chaussure nike not deep, and for the movement on the carpet; sole pattern was more isotropic deep or for the movement of the wood floor. Seven, skateboard shoes, was also called "casual shoes." Shoes, lighter, rubber-soled stressed grip, can better grasp the slide. Eight, hiking shoes, hiking in the wild, often riding in the sand and walking on uneven ground, and sometimes also need to go through a mountain stream. Hikers backpack shoulder heavy and prone to sprains and slips, so the hiking shoes, mostly in the general help, pimple soles, emphasizing grip. IX, hiking shoes because the face of adverse weather conditions and cold and windy, so these shoes are generally heavy, and very strong, very pay good toughness, and requires very good insulation. If, on the snow-capped mountains and professional double high altitude hiking boots are generally designed for the plastic outer boots, boots for the warm air inside the material can withstand the cold of minus 40 ℃. All hard-soled shoes with crampons or skis with cassette. Sports shoes

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