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three track and field title within a week

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three track and field title within a week

no one has rewritten thisBicycle light reelight Bike lights great achievement. Melbourne 1956 - in this Olympicutting machinec Games won medals in most of the players wearing Adidas shoes. 1960 Rome - Rome Olympic Games, 75% of the track and field athletes wearing Adidas shoes competition. Tokyo 1964 - adidas hair blown film extrusion The lightest fabric ever track and field shoes. The Olympic Games, 80% of the athletes wearing Adidas shoes competition. Mexico 1968 Mexico City - Mexico City, Adidas also dominate the Olympic Games, 85% of the athletes wearing Adidas sneakers to participate in chaussures nike shox shox shoes Chaussures PUMA nike shox r5 shox turbo shox running shox rival nike shox nz nike shox nike shox r4 nike shox r3 shox monster shox oz shox womentrack and field competition. Di G Fosbury (Dick Fosbury) using a new technology over the High Jump 2.24 meters, won the gold medal. Adidas to become the world's first Production of polyurethane injection molding, and more embedded nails soles of the company. 1972 Munich - Munich Olympic Games is another history of Adidas A memorable milestone. Adidas Olympic official supplier for the first time, in all Olympic athletes to win medals, there are 78% worn Adidas sports shoes. Montreal 1976 - Montreal Olympics, 83% of the players selected Adidas equipment. Nadi Asia Comaneci (Nadia Comaneci) obtained the first in the history of gymnastics, "10" points. 1980 Moscow - Moscow Olympic Games , More than 80% of the players wear Adidas gear. 1984 Los Angeles - to participate in the Olympic Games in the 140 delegations authentic ugg boots cheap ugg boots online wholesale ugg ugg cardy boots grey buy ugg boots ugg for cheap ugg boots store ugg cardy boots sale ugg cardy cheap ugg boots ugg boots for sale There are 124 selected Adidas products. Athletes wearing Adidas products won a total of 259 medals -81 gold medals, 82 silver Cards and 96 bronze medals. 1988 Seoul - The Seoul Olympics, has 120 participating delegations selected Adidas equipment 76% of the gold medalist trust the "three stripes." Adidas equipment with a total athletes won 365 medals - 124 gold medals, 114 silver and 127 bronze medals. Barcelona 1992 - was regarded as a national hero of Greece's weightlifting camp Ross Dimas (Pyrros Dimas) to win his first Olympic gold medal, then reelected him twice Olympic champion. 1996 Atlanta - 33 Austria Games delegation, more than 6,000 athletes choose Adidas products. Adidas all 26 Olympic events in the provision of sports equipment 21 Adidas is not a brand like this, in so many sports, and with so many players in such a long time have Such a close relationship. 1998 Nagano - Nagano Winter Olympics drawing to a close with the Adidas and Salomon received a total of two brands Won 70 Olympic medals. Sydney 2000 - Adidas Olympic brand image again. In the "maintenance energy" concept-based On that basis, Adidas for swimming, athletics, cycling, fencing, weightlifting and wrestling project developed a series of six revolutionary product. Which The most memorable piece swimsuit Adidas, Australian 17-year-old prodigy Ian Thorpe (Ian Thorpe) wore the shox nz nike shox nz nike shox tl nike shox r4 max tn tn max tn air air max tn nike air max tn chaussures tn chaussure tn tn chaussures chaussures nike tn nike shox rivalry shox nike shox rival shox rivalry nike shox rival chaussures requin requin chaussures chaussures hommes tn nike air tn chaussures femmes rival shox r4 shox nz shox chussures puma puma chaussures Swimsuit won three gold medals, four world records created, making stars of the Sydney Olympic Games. Salt Lake City 2002 - Super Than 50% of the athletes wearing the product clover logo contest, and won nearly 200 medals. Athens 2004 - As Athens The official 2004 Olympic Games supplier Adidas to include the Olympic Committee, volunteers, officials, including providing all Olympic Working Group More than 1.4 million equipment. Adidas Olympic Committees in 22 countries to provide equipment, a total of more than 4,000 athletes wearing Adidas equipment Participate in the competition. Adidas 28 Olympic events for a total of 26 available in the game equipment. Wearing Adidas products, pick a total of Olympic athletes Had 147 medals, 28 silver medals and 148 bronze medals. Beijing 2008 - As the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing 2008, the Disability freelights One Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the 2008 Olympic Games the Chinese sports delegation partner for the Beijing Adidas 2008 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and technical officials for all staff to provide equipment. Adidas sport the same time as the Chinese Olympic Committee Apparel partners, to participate in the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games the Chinese sports delegation will wear Adidas gear. Di game design jeans adidas clover (adidas Originals Denim by Diesel) has been in February 1, 2008 Market, the series of advertiseme Time "(83 worth the time of the good things) Adidas (adidas) and Di Race (Diesel) of the Department of the two brands together Cooperation will continue for four years outnts has also been published

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